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Welcome to Synergy Gaming Community! This gaming community has been around for quite a while, with a large emphasis on good attitudes over all else and working as a team, it is currently focused around the [Synergy Squad] SMITE clan. It has had its share of growing and falling, but the clan is growing again, and this website will be revamped and rebooted to help the clan in smite.  for those of you who prefer facebook the link is:

If you are currently a member of the clan please head to the roster tab --- drop down from members tab. and choose 'Synergy Squad', and click 'Apply Now'. the  details will be explained after that!

Mainly all i will need is for members to log in check the events and say if they can or cannot attend the given events.  Checking the forums would also be nice, but at the very least try to stay active with what's going on in the clan. 
 cya around guys

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